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Best Juice Bars near San Diego, CA

Who says drinks can’t be delicious and healthy? At the best juice bars near San Diego, you’ll find some of the healthiest and most refreshing drinks around. See just how good these healthy beverages can taste and check out these top juice bars near San Diego.

GreenFix Organic Smoothie

Juice BarGreen smoothies have become the world’s most popular beverages, and GreenFix Organic Smoothie is the best place to get one. They make one type of green smoothie with beets, another with ginger and mint, and another with just green veggies and herbs. On top of that, they only use organic ingredients, which means every drink is always fresh.

What to get: No matter if you’re a green smoothie virgin or a smoothie aficionado, you can’t go wrong with the GreenFix Original smoothie. It’s made with kale, collard greens, swiss chard, and a variety of organic ingredients. Plus, it has bananas and apples for just the right amount of sweetness so you can’t even tell you’re drinking raw greens.

To learn more, connect with GreenFix Organic Smoothie on Facebook.

Juice Alchemy

Juice Alchemy is the place to go if you’re looking to satisfy a specific smoothie or juice craving. They offer fully customizable beverage options. Basically, they let you choose the ingredients you want to create your perfect juice or smoothie. They also have a number of specialty drinks made with organic produce from local farmers. Best of all, Juice Alchemy has juice cleanses for those who want to detoxify their bodies and really get healthy.

Juice BarWhat to get: There are two standout items on Juice Alchemy’s menu: Rocket Power and Green Detox. The Rocket Power juice is a fruity and refreshing drink that’ll boost your energy and get you going. The Green Detox juice is perfect for health nuts looking for a refreshingly sweet, satisfying, and healthy drink.

Connect with Juice Alchemy on Facebook to learn more.

The Mad Beet

The Mad Beet offers juices, smoothies, and fruit bowls that’ll subdue your between-meal cravings without making you feel guilty. Everything they offer is made with organic produce, and they’re so tasty that’ll you’ll probably end up wanting more as soon as you finish. Best of all, some of their menu items can satisfy your sweet tooth.

What to get: If you’re in the mood for something refreshing, healthy, and a little sweet, try A Tribe Called Zest, an orange and aloe vera juice. If you want something a little heavier, indulge in their Bob Marleaf smoothie. It’s a sweet and incredibly satisfying drink made with spinach, spirulina, and a variety of fruits. If you’re really hungry, get the Beyoncai Bowl. It’s made with organic acai, granola, honey, strawberry, banana, and the best ingredient of all: peanut butter.

To learn more, check out The Mad Beet on Facebook.


Juice BarAt Robeks, they’re all about the healthy alternatives. Instead of a meal packed with carbs and saturated fat, they feel there’s a smoothie replacement that’s much better for you! They offer a variety of smoothie options that focus on different aspects of wellness, with options for superfoods, Acai, performance, and low calorie. They even offer wellness shots!

What to get: If you’re coming in for flavor alone, you may find the Big Wednesday to be to your liking. This smoothie packs a powerful punch with peach, strawberries, banana, orange sherbet, and papaya juice.

Learn all about your options by checking out Robeks on Facebook.

Rum Jungle Cafe

Rum Jungle Cafe is perfect for anyone who wants to sit back, relax, and enjoy a refreshing smoothie and good food. They have breakfast foods and sandwiches, but their fruit bowls are definitely one of the best things on the menu. Of course, as a top juice bar in San Diego, Rum Jungle Cafe offers a variety of fruit smoothies to enjoy.

What to get: All the smoothies at Rum Jungle Cafe are great, but the most unique option they have is their Coffee Crunch smoothie. It’s essentially your favorite cup of joe, but in smoothie form. The Coffee Crunch smoothie is made with bananas, peanut butter, chocolate protein, milk, and of course, coffee beans.

Connect with the Rum Jungle Cafe on Facebook to learn more.

Surf City Squeeze

Surf City Squeeze is the best destination for any beach-going juice enthusiast. Since 1981, this modest juice chain has been making waves, providing their customers with the freshest flavors this side of the Pacific. Whether you want a dessert-themed smoothie or a refreshing and flavorful beverage, Surf City Squeeze has it all.

What to get: If you’re looking for a zesty way to get your nutrients, you may find the Ginseng Fling to be the right choice. Packed with ginseng and protein, this blueberry pineapple smoothie will provide more than just a tasty flavor.

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It’s time to ditch the sodas and super sweet drinks and indulge in something a little healthier. Be sure to check out the best juice bars near San Diego today to see just how good healthy beverages can taste!